Trackman Range

The 18 hole Langeleed course has the features of a links course and is integrated into the sweeping West Flanders polder landscape that can be played on without a hitch basically all year round including on wet winter days. The aim is to ensure the course is kept in top condition so that those with a high handicap (as from HCP 35) also fully enjoy the experience.

The expansive water features inhabited by swans and very many species of waterfowl, the undulating greens and the very many strategically placed fairway and greenside bunkers form a challenge for players of all levels although they are, of course, attractive but should not be underestimated.

Usually, the fierce western wind is added to the mix that ensures that playing conditions are different every time. If you want to score here, having the correct strategy is important.


Local Rules


  • Replace divots, repair pitch marks and rake bunkers.
  • Avoid slow play.

Pace of Play: Play Ready Golf

  • When not playing your shot, you should be preparing to play your shot (walk to your ball, measure distance, make club choice).
  • Play your own ball before helping to look for a lost ball.
  • In some cases, play ‘Out of Turn’, when it is safe to do so.

Out of Bounds

  • Defined by white stakes, fences or white lines.
  • A ball which crosses or comes to rest on the public road on holes 10 & 11 is deemed to be out of bounds.
  • Fairway of Hole 10 and beyond is out of bounds when playing hole 18.
  • Fairway of Hole 16 and beyond is out of bounds when playing hole 12.

Immovable Obstructions (free drop applies under Rule 16.1)

  • All staked trees (short staked or long staked).
  • All newly planted bushes protected by netting.
  • Bridges.
  • Distance markers (may not be removed).
  • Artificially surfaced paths and cartpaths (all other paths are integral part of the course).

No Play Zones (Penalty Area Rule 17.1 applies except that play is prohibited from within the No Play Zone)

  • Defined by green topped stakes.
  • Entry into and/or play from No Play Zone is prohibited.

Ground Under Repair (free drop applies under Rule 16.1)

  • Play Prohibited.
  • Defined by blue stakes or continuous white lines.
  • Winter greens.

Dangerous Animal Condition (Swans)

  • Relief applies under Rule 16.2.


  • Sprinklers indicate distance to the front of the green.
  • Stakes on side of fairway indicate distance to the middle of the green.

Dropping Zones

  • Dropping zones near Penalty Zones of Greens of Holes 2 and 13 may be used, with one stroke penalty, when Rule 17.1 cannot be applied.