Trackman Range
Driving Range Balls per basket with tokens
1 basket token (36 balls)€ 3,50
3 baskets token€ 8,00
Federation card 10 baskets (member)€ 18,50
Federation card 25 baskets (member)€ 40,00
Federation card 50 baskets (member)€ 75,00
  • Koksijde Golf ter Hille gift voucher: you can select the value
  • Replacement of a federation card: in accordance with the federation rate (GV + Royal Belgium Golf Federation)
  • Use of a golf bag incl. clubs 9H: € 15,00 + a € 50,00 € deposit + ID
  • Use of a golf bag incl. clubs 18H: € 20,00 + a € 50,00 € deposit + ID
  • Use of a golf trolley: € 6,00 
  • Use of a locker (changing room locker on an annual basis): € 50,00/year
  • Use of a locker (changing room locker per day): € 5,00 + a € 5,00 deposit
  • Use of a material cage (on an annual basis): € 90,00/year (waiting list)
  • Use of a battery charger (for a trolley on an annual basis): € 110,00/year
Stormy weather

If green fee players need to interrupt their game because of stormy weather, they will get a 50% discount on their next green fee (Langeleed course/Hazebeek course respectively). The credit will apply for one year. 

9-hole Langeleed course

You can only play 9 holes on the Langeleed course on a daily basis including during the weekend and on public holidays based on the applicable rate -40%, provided that there is sufficient availability on the course and only between 8 and 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. (in winter after 3 p.m.).

Use of a buggy/cart 

As a general rule it applies that the use of buggies on the course is only allowed if the user has serious physical reasons to do so (to be supported by a medical certificate). Members may, however, hitch a ride in a buggy of a recognised user without permission being required.


  • € 20,00 for 9 holes
  • € 35,00 for 18 holes
  • Annual use rate (i.e. for a calendar year) if reserved: € 500,00


  • Golfers who are older than 70 may always use a buggy.
  • Golfers who are younger than 18 may never drive a buggy.
  • Golfers older than 18 who are younger than 70 (with a medical certificate) who wish to use a buggy on a prolonged basis, must first be given formal consent from the management committee.
  • A private buggy may be used under the reservation of obtaining authorisation from the management committee. Use of the club house pitch: € 650,00/year
Use of the paragolfer/buggy in case of being disabled

Disabled sports is a priority at Koksijde Golf ter Hille. A paragolfer is made available. It must be reserved in advance through the administrative office. Annual use rate under the reservation of the management committee giving permission: € 150,00

Paragolfer/buggy/scooter rate: € 10,00/per use

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