Koksijde Golf Ter Hille is managed by Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Koksijde, which is an external and independent agency, which is linked to the municipality of Koksijde:

Management committee:

  • President: Mayor Marc Van den Bussche
  • Vice-President: Philip Cammaert
  • Members: St├ęphanie Anseeuw, Bieke Dalle, Luc Deltombe, Sander Loones, Charlotte Castelein
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Frederick Vens
  • Golf Secretary: Jan Deramoudt

Day-to-day operations:

  • Jan Deramoudt (Director)
  • Minke Devroye (Coordinator)
  • Wendy Debaillie (Administrative Assistant)
  • Pascale Alleweireldt (Administrative Assistant)
  • Yana Blankers (Administrative Assistant)

Technical staff: All golf greenkeeping employees under the management of Head Greenkeeper Ahmet Koc

Golf-related management:

  • Captain: Luc Goeminne in collaboration with Steven Decock
  • Junior Captain: Filip Hauspie in collaboration with Jan Vanden Berghe
  • Ladies Captain: Chantal Dewinter in collaboration with Kaat Lemahieu
  • Mens Captain: Youri Legein in collaboration with Filip Maes
  • Rabbit Captain: Kaat Lemahieu in collaboration with RabbitsTeam
  • Senior Captain: Erwin Willemyns in collaboration with Jan Deramoudt
  • Young Adult Captain: Charles Cattoir
  • Rules & HCP: Philippe Beauduin - Steven Decock

The shop is run by Sports and Sparks bvba.

The hospitality part is run by P&Q Culinair.