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The federation contribution is mandatory.

Having a valid federation membership card covers civil liability in case of accidents that are caused when practicing golf. This insurance, of course, only applies insofar as the elementary rules of due care and attention are observed.

Anybody who plays golf or is a member of a club pays his or her contribution for a federation card on an annual basis. Firstly, this card is your worldwide golf passport (and entitles you to a Golf Proficiency Certificate and/or handicap registration) to which golf insurance is linked. Therefore, to obtain a federation card, you must be a member of one of the golf clubs, but this may be either a golf school or a 9- or 18-hole course.

You must also register if you are a beginner by purchasing a learner card.

If you start at a club and you are active for more than one month, you need to at least apply for a learner card at your club. A "learner" is anybody who is registered in relation to one learning programme for a duration that is longer than one month. This card is valid during one year and gives you all the benefits of a standard federation card except that it is only valid at your own home club.

Your annual contribution comprises two amounts. One for the Royal Belgian Golf Federation and the second one for Golf Vlaanderen (GV).

They form the working budgets of the two associations.

CONCLUSION: The federation card = Golf Proficiency Certificate and/or handicap card with worldwide insurance.

The federation card is required and must be ordered by the home club for all players who are a member (that is to say, all players who are affiliated to a Golf Vlaanderen (GV) club must apply for a federation card at GV even when they are registered in another country).

If you have lost your federation card, 

you can apply for a duplicate through your home club. The administrative costs for a duplicate is determined by the federation and charged through your home club.

As from 1 October of each year, a 50% discount applies with regard to the federation contribution for "mew adult members”. The other contributions remain unchanged during the course of a year.